Uhmm, Design of the Week

[Oh yeah, party december 6th. @Asefus Lounge
Wear your 90's ish.
Reebok's, Strap Caps, Baggy Jeans, Yadda Yadda]

[yeah, I designed the flyer]


Universal Mind Control

So Common is droppin his album 12/9. And its gunna be $1 on the day of release. Slick Promotion?

808's and Heartbreak

Okay, so I heard the infamous "808's and Heartbreak", and its pretty hot. Speaking from a fan's perspective, its artistic genius. But ofcourse everyone's gunna say, "Whys he singing the whole time?"
Honestly, I don't have the answer to that. But, I do think he did a pretty darn go0d job with carrying tunes and whatnot. After a while you get caught in the feel and emotions behind the songs. You stop crying over the overused auto-tune, then you realize that the album is quite real, with themes apply to everyday life. It is a refreshing retreat from the regular gun bustin and drug dealin.

||Kanye has no sped up soul samples on this album||.
---idk how i feel about that yet.

Overall, I feel like this album is very different from anything we've ever heard.With its very unique style (props to Roger Troutman and T-Pain) Kanye West, once again, delivers a piece of history.

Prestige Marketing

Alil something I designed..
(want it? call:
202 907 8410, thats not my number)

Intro to Rye

<-----See that, yeah thats me, Rye McFly. Brief introduction, Freshman Marketing Major, Howard University, from the Bronx New York, blah, blah, blah. Currently, I'm a rapper/graphic designer/Actor/Full-time student, waiting on a big break. Right now I'm working on my first Album, "The Freshman Fried Fifty", EP, while designing a whole bunch of stuff for people at Howard. ||Sidebar, for graphic design, email me at Ryan_McCaulsky@hotmail.com|| (I'll be posting more work samples later on) Look out for my song "TxtMe" and a few more newbies before the end of the semester. ||Later!||