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( dont get too happy its an old video) 
For anyone thats been around me this week you know how I feel about this video. It really got me going on a few projects. . . finally. . .btw, the song is Paid the Price, by Do or Die

The Rising Suns



Brandon Hines: In Search of . . .

I was wondering why we havent heard any music from dude in a while. I mean no one with that much talent just falls off the earth. So I googled him. It took me to his website ( the only place you can download his music from. . . after you give them your email address). I'm not too sure I agree with this. You cant develop a buzz if people have to jump through hoops to hear your music. 



Minjae Lee

I've been searching for artistic inspiration for a little while now, so I got a quick fix of Coolhunter.net. =) 
This right here makes me want to go to an art museum and just relax. 



Party All The Time

Someone asked why I always got a new KlasSik BFG song. To be completely truthful, its because no one else is working as hard as this young man is. Not too many people aim to get better with every piece of work they put out. Humility is key in earning success. . .
( I got some serious catching up to do )


All About My Money [Explicit]


Look What I Can Do. . .

I decided to take the few hours between DC and NY to learn something new.
Its something light, but its a step forward.

( I want to start making some art. . . like real art.  
I got a few different projects in mind. )



Creative Inspiration: No Pattern

So let me put you on to my favorite graphic designer of all time, Chuck Anderson. The lighting effects that dude uses are incredible, definitely tryna get on his level by the end of the summer. 

( You might recognize him for Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor cover ) 


Remember This?



Apple iPad.

So I slipped away from work for a few minutes to play with the Apple iPad. Its pretty cool, theres definitely a lot of potential in the market that it creates [its an e-book reader, with mad extra stuff on it.] If they focus on getting textbooks on there I'm going to get one. I hate lugging around a billion books, ( especially because I'm always on the go. ) I wouldn't say to go out of your way to buy one now, wait till the 3G/4G edition comes out. But if you do end up buying, it does have a bunch of cool apps that'll take up ALL of your time, (like rockband!)



Desk Phone Dock

This is pretty smooth. If I had a reason to get one I would.

Elements of Greatness: Ryan Leslie

You gotta salute the guy R-Les. He brings elements of Jazz to contemporary hip-hop, and he's always looking to innovate. Aspiring producers definitely need to watch his moves.



Boondocks: Complete Second Season


Vansa Posters

I dedicate this to my artist friends. 



(Click the Pic) 

you'll probably be seeing me collab a lot with these folks in the near future. stay tuned. 


I called it, ( if I might say so myself ). 
And I'm going to call one more thing then I'm done. This mixtape is about to push dude over the hump. This could wake up a borough thats been sleeping for decades. More Updates comming when I get 'em. 

CornerStore Magazine

I went to this magazine critique session yesterday. It was about Cornerstore Magazine. Long Story short, nobody was reaaaally digging the magazine. Then the editor popped up (seemingly out of nowhere) and flipped the script saying that his demographic was the prison audience. It didnt sit too well with me because of the images in the magazine. It reinstills a lot negative imagery in the black community. I wish they'd have an uplifting message for those behind bars.