I thought it was corny. But lol; she drew it. =)

Dear Summer . . .

It's been a long road to the end of the summer, but hopefully we're about to see the fruits of our labor. Stay tuned . . . 

Shouts out to Team Intern. 


Mix-Pack VOl.1

Here's a taste of my iTunes. It has some good stuff in there. Check it out. 


The Civil War

Remember when Lil Jon dropped snap your fingers? That was about the beginning of the era that created the Mason-Dixon line in Hip Hop. The North (extra lyrical and conservative) and The South (up-beat and young) disagreed stylistically creating two sub-genres in Hip Hop. Of course neither entity will disappear, but there is seemingly a reemergence of fresh sounds in Hip Hop. In the DC-Maryland-Virginia region you have the go-go influence in Wale and Phil-Ade and Tabbi Bonney. In the West Coast you have Tyga and Nipsey. In Pennsylvania Wiz Khalifa and Asher Roth. . . Louisiana Curren$y . . . etc etc. . . At the end of the day being less devoted to being a SOUTH rapper or a NORTH rapper has given more leeway to good music. 

And thats how it should be. 

Chronicles of a Fiend.

So I'm currently in the lab chopping it up with my boy Colin . . . (sick on the keys). He's remaking the Howard Girl beat for an upcoming project. . . lol. But while you wait check out his blog. 


My Favorite Tweets. . . For the Past Few Weeks.


. . . so I just had a "oh shit this is dope" moment. Check it out . . . 

(click the pic)

But yeah, she's by far the best graphic artist I've ever worked with. Inspiring to say the least. . .