The Civil War

Remember when Lil Jon dropped snap your fingers? That was about the beginning of the era that created the Mason-Dixon line in Hip Hop. The North (extra lyrical and conservative) and The South (up-beat and young) disagreed stylistically creating two sub-genres in Hip Hop. Of course neither entity will disappear, but there is seemingly a reemergence of fresh sounds in Hip Hop. In the DC-Maryland-Virginia region you have the go-go influence in Wale and Phil-Ade and Tabbi Bonney. In the West Coast you have Tyga and Nipsey. In Pennsylvania Wiz Khalifa and Asher Roth. . . Louisiana Curren$y . . . etc etc. . . At the end of the day being less devoted to being a SOUTH rapper or a NORTH rapper has given more leeway to good music. 

And thats how it should be.