I deleted my facebook. It was really killing me. (Too many updates about people that I aint know or really care for, no offense.)

My brother put me on to mint.com. It keeps track of how you manage your money. Its pretty neat. They have an iPhone app for it and everything. Now every time I would think to go check FB, I'll be doing something more productive, like managing funds.

I also unfollowed about 100 people on twitter, they really weren't saying anything. I'm focusing on following people with more career oriented tweets. . . 

Spring Break wasn't as productive as I planned. I had fun though. I spent time with my family. They said I've been too busy and I've been neglecting them. . . (I'm making moves, can you blame me??)

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed . . . 
(yeah thats cliche but if your not striving for your goals for atleast an hour a day EVERYDAY, your wasting a lot of time, GET ON IT, life is too short)



I've never seen this before, I kinda want one now. 
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Noooooo!: Not Ms Piggy!

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-make sure your speakers are on, for the full effect-


Lil Wayne: Lean, and Young Money Beginings

' Heavy everywhere else NOW ' (for anyone thats paying that much attention)

I wasn't looking for any inspiration when I came across this video, but I did. I found it cool that Wayne saw this whole Young Money thing before it happened. He compared it to the Roc, and G-Unit, and now look at it. I guess that means its time to get back on that grind. About to bring this vision to liiiife. 

 I wish CurrenSy was still on board though. 

Million dollars

One of my favorites off of Back for Revenge

Daaaaaaaaamn: Trey Starks

I wonder if he's related to John Starks.


Elements of Greatness: Doug E Fresh

Welcome to the 'Elements of Greatness' portion of my blog. In a nutshell, I intend to spend a few moments to highlight the things that made some of our favorite entertainers successful. As the next generation of media, we have a responsibility to use and evolve these elements to continue the legacy of our predecessors.


All dude needed was a mic and a speaker and he could put on a show single-handedly. 

The first Element of Greatness is simple, having the ability to do something.



The Playstation Move.

Well if you liked Nintendo Wii, and You love Playstation, this looks like the right gaming system for you. I had a feeling Sony was going to make this move, there was nothing going on in the gaming market. I'm excited to see the Wii-like controls on a Sony system.
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How to Make it in America.

Pretty Decent. I hope they get enough buzz for hourlong episodes.

Pianist Envy

Its been a while since I've been on cool hunter. I came across this mixtape, dudes name is Chilly Gonzales. Canadian dude. He playing the piano over a bunch of popular records. I like it a lot, its really refreshing. Give it a listen. 


The First Flight.

He's gunna be a serious problem in two years. Mark my words.