The Swine Flu

"Some Mexicans have reacted to the swine flu crisis with humour and creativity. A man wears a mask with a moustache drawn on it as he talks on his mobile phone in Mexico City "


Its that real .


When Jay-Z announced that he'd release a third installment to The Blueprint series, anticipation blew up [click to read]. The buzz around the LP has grown tremendously and now we have some information on what has been quite a secretive project to date. Chicago's own No I.D. [click to read] has been in the lab working on the highly anticipated Jay LP and he's one of the few speaking on the overall sound of the album.

"Me and Kanye [West] been doing a lot of work. We worked on The Blueprint [3] together," he recently said in a video interview with RealTalkXpress.com. He also compared his relationship with West to that of Dr. Dre and Mel-Man, noting that he's put his ego to the side to play the Mel-Man role.

When asked about the album's progression, he spoke on the LP's overall theme and how it connects to Kanye's most recent effort.

"We were doing Blueprint 3 when we did 'Heartless'. ...Everything on Blueprint 3 is...It's like 808's and Heartbreak [click to read], but more Hip-Hop."

Before ending the video, he offered this to help anticipation grow even more.

"It's gonna be a full-fledged classic."



y0 I'm puttin this warnin out now,
I'ma be back in NY Saturday evening.

If you, yes you whoever u are, got on any rip-off designer-wear, you will be subject to a black sharpie.


-thank you and have a nice day,
ADkTV Staff


CHoo Crazy

This is for all my females residing in New York City.

Jimmy Choo...
Yes i said Jimmy Choo is having a sample sale this Thursday April 30.

It is from 1pm -7pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 18th Street (btwn 6th & 7th Aves), 4th floor, NYC.

Shoes are starting from $75 and bags starting from $150.

If I was you I'd get on it.

"Every woman needs atleast one Choo in there life."

I just might have to go home sooner than expected. =]


Meet The Mistress

Ok, so it's finals time & studying is just not my... forte.
But, to get me in the mood i listen to the one & only Miss Nicki Minaj aka Nicki Lewinski, Nicki The Mistress, Nicki The Harajuku Barbie...etc
She is definitely a problem.
Nicki is signed to Young Money & from my hometown of Southside Jamaica Queens.
I mean she's backed by Wayne & from the best place ever what else proof do you need?
But if you dont take my word for it, you have to download her newest mixtape entitled "Beam Me Up Scotty"

Beam Me Up Scotty

I tried to tell you guys Young Money is on the come-up.

"I have single handedly anialated every rap bxtch in the game." -Nicki Minaj



MOVIE TO LOOK FOR: Transformers II

This looks amazing.
And theres an R8 in there, gotta see it.
This one drops in late June

MOVIE TO LOOK FOR: The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3

So heres the original version of the film, I haven't watched it yet, but when I get some time I will.

This looks like a must see...Just from the trailers you can tell they stepped up the action, and the casting about 20 fold. This movie is said to drop in June 2009, keep your eyes peeled.


I used to be a JERK...

...until I saw this fxckery.


I <3 Art. U should 2.

Sebastian Onufszak - Hyper World


The Freshman 15 (( For Whoever It Ain't Work For ))

So Microsoft has an inconsistency with some file compressions ( yay vista right ), so if your Freshman 15 download didn't work...click here

Sucky Part is you're going to have to D/L song by song.

.sry for the inconvenience

FREE DOWNLOAD!:The Freshman 15

CLICK THE PIC, d0yy!!!



Mixtape Shopping: KlasSiK of BFG

This is KlasSiK of the BFG checking in. Eveyone has mixtapes lined up on the way, and I figure it wouldnt hurt to do a shameless plug. So take the moment to listen & download the newest mixtape! www.klassikbfg.com


stay tuned for Free Crib:Mansion Edition



Download....Party With Me.



Howards Best Dance Crew...

So First, they really put up the banner for the halls, (pretty official...)

Then they started strollin...

Then we met the judges...
(( yes those are the guys from Boogie Bots ))

Then the Carver-walkees went...

Then came Slowe, ((they we're baaaaad!!!))...but they aint go yet.

((fxck the judges))

....Shouts to the stroll team, they came in a strong 3rd.

Yeah im still bangin it on M.dot =P Jerkz!!

...This Guy Yung Capone Performed...
But it was cool cuz he had green on.

Oh yeah, then Jae Murph announced the champion, the Bethune Annex Danceteam.


Straight off the Jetsons...

As the debate about the efficiency and affordability of alternative energy sources continues, developers are planning to build the world's first hydrogen powered community in Denmark. The suburb dubbed H2pia is geared towards balancing energy needs with the cost to the environment and our climate. Residents of this hydrogen community will collect their own energy via solar and wind sources, which will charge hydrogen fuel cells that power both the home and automobiles. The various structures within the neighborhood have been designed so
that their curves and orientation can maximize returns on energy collection. With construction scheduled to begin in 2007, the completion of this project could provide essential feedback towards making hydrogen a viable option in the energy game. by Harold C


Yung Bad Boy Baby?

Well hello0o hello0o hello0o there ADkTV
If you like fashion, gossip & pure randomness then im your girl.
My topics can be a little out there at times but you'll get use to it.
So here it goes my[DEEDZ] first post...

Is it just me or does it seem like Young Money Cash Money is becoming what BadBoy was in the 90s.
Now in NO way am i comparing Weezy to Diddy or BIG to Drizzy.
It just seems like they are about to blow & take over at any second.
Now they're def not BadBoy in the 90s status as of now but within the next 2/3 years i can see this happening.
Nicky,Drizzy,Millz...come on this line up def can do damaged if it's mananaged correctly.
& as for Weezy ...well he's Weezy.
But this is simply one of my random analogies...juss some food for thought.

Well we can all tell who's BIG & who's Kim


The Freshman 15 ((Preview))



Time For Compensation.

It's D A E.

Whas Good, ADKTV. This Is My First Post Of Many, Hopefully. The Content Matter I Hope To Delve Into Is Just, In General, The Different Relationships &&Situations Between Females &&Men. Some Slightly Personal, Mostly Non- So Yu Can Relate.

So My First Post..Is A Poem I Just Wrote Entitled, Time For Compensation.
&&Its Basically About Two People Going So Hard To Play The Game, But There Comes A Time When Yu Have To Be REAL About Yah Feelings, Despite What Yu May Have Gone Through In Yah Past Relationships.

If Your Past Affects Your Future, Then Our Future Is Fxcked.
Me &&Yu..There's No Luck With Us. We're FXCKED.
Relationship-Wise, We're In The Same Position.
Our Outlook Aint Too Different; We're Only Looking For Some Good Fxcks &&Occasional Kissin.
We've Both Been Hurt. We Both Know How It Feels.
So, There's No Point In Hurting Each Other. Let's Just Keep It Real.
I've Figured Some Shxt Out About Yu. This Facade Yu Put Up, I See Through.
Had Yu Not Gone Through What Yu Went Through, Then Maybe Yu'd Let Me Reach Yu..
On Something Less Sexual, More Mental, Maybe Even Emotional. Yu Know?
Let Me Be On Some Luda Shxt For A Second &&Just "Swim Around In Yah SOUL".
Let Me...Fxck It. I'm Losin It.
The Game, I'm Losin Tune To It.
I'm Not Supposed To Tell Yu That Shxt &&Mean It.
I'm Just Supposed To Say It So Yu Believe It.
So Yu Could, Then, Reciprocate It In A Way That Yu Think I Believe It, All Jus So Yu Could Beat It.
See, This Is The Way Our Minds Work. Subconsciously, As One.
Which Is A Direct Result Of Previous Shxt &&Experiences That Made Us Done
With Serious Relations.
So, Now We Fake Having Feelings. &&Say Shxt &&Claim We Mean It.
But The Game Is Dying &&Starting To Lose Meaning. Let's Just Say It's Getting "Street-Sick".
I Know Shxt Didn't Work When We Were Both Once "Love" Struck.
The Last Nigga Bxtched Up. &&The Last Bxtch Fxcked Up.
We Gotta Let That Shxt Go. I Could Fxck With Niggas &&Yu Could Fxck Hoes.
But Shxt Gets Old. So The Past? Yu Gotta Let Ride Out &&Flow.
&&Shxt, It's Mutual. We're On The Same Drawn Out Plan.
But It's Time To Re-scale. Re-measure. I'm Not Tryna Keep This On Some Jay "Soon Yu'll Understand".
So, I'm Moving Forward. Making The Bigger Step.
I Know It's A Right One, But According To The Game It's ALLLLL The Way "To The Left, To The Left".
What I'm Tryna Say Is, I'm Feeling Yu. I'm Tryna Keep It Real Wit Yu.
No Game, No G, No Alphabet Soup.
&&If Yu Not Feeling The Same, Then Just Let Me Know.
Don't Beat Around The Bush, Hiding Between The Weeds, Because Yu're Afraid Of The Hoe
That Hurt Yu Before. Let The Past Stay In &&Be The Past.
I Know Yu Heard It Before, But I'm Promising Yu I Won't Treat Yu Like Your Last.
I'm Keeping It 100 Wit Yu. But Yu Gotta Know I'm Taking A Risk.
The Game Didn't Teach Me This. So, For Yu...The Rules &&Regulations, I Resist.
But Now That All Is Said &&Done, It's Time For Compensation.
&&I Don't Mean The Kind Like, "Money Make Me Cum. Money, Money Make Me Cum".
I Mean It Like, Don't Fault Me For Other People's Mistakes.
Just Retire The Game For A Minute. Fxck Whatever Is Up For Stakes.
I Came To Yu Real. So Now, Let Me Know How Yu Feel.
"Yu Gotta Take The Good With The Bad." &&I'm Down; So, Just Tell Me The Deal.
Fxck All The Romance.
But Just Reciprocate, Compensate, &&Give Me That Chance.

Until Lata, Rest EZ.

Song Stuck in my Head: I Poke Her Face- Kid Cudi

KLASSIK OF BFG CHECKING IN!!!!! www.klassikbfg.com

First let me start by saying that Kid Cudi got BODIED on this joint. Mother fucking shame, I thought I was listening to a Lil Wayne & Drake track (cause Wanye BODIES Drake). I heard the radio rip on hiphopdx.com last week and I was waiting for the official version to come out, only for a big SMH to Cudi.

The joint was produced by Kanye (nice move on sampling Lady Gaga before anyone else), who reached out to Common to bless his artist with a feature. DJ A-Trak sprinkles some style onto the track with the scratches. This is so addicting.

They better pray that the instrumental doesnt leak, cause I will KILL this beat.


The Freshman 15

Comming to ADkTV...
Sooner then you think.

Let Me Introduce You To...

KlasSik of BFG/TSC. This kid (lol he's older than me, but fxckit.) ...this kid is one of the North Bronx's most underestimated rappers/songwriters. With an ear for catchy and flavorful, KlasSik of BFG wont fail to put you on to the new hotness.

Let Me Introduce You To...

Deedz, a communications major from Queenz, New York. With an impeccable fashion sense, this Howard Hun[NY] is the ADkTV resident fashionista.

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Resfest 09.

((the former mrs annex, and mr meridian))

Let Me Introduce You To...

Originally from the Bronx, New York, this DMV pretty young thing is gonna bring that good ol' female perspective to ADkTV. Currently a student at Howard, pursuing a degree in adminstration of justice ((a0ww)) ... oh and did I mention she's a mean poet...


Young Money - Every Girl

I <3 Art. U should 2.

this one is by Gianluca Fallone ...

I <3 Art. U should 2.

This is a piece by Linn Olofsdotter...

Insta-Butt Booster

Ladies would you do this??

talk to me.


Song Stuck in my Head: Million Dollars- Big Sean

hey its KlasSiK of BFG and on klassikbfg.com I have a series called "song stuck in my head". I decided to share this song with fans of adkt because I figured yall would dig this dude.

I came across him after browsing through Kanye's myspace, he is #1 on his top 8. Big Sean is the newest artist on Kayne's label and has a very similar style. After listening to his catalogue and watching numerous youtube videos. This one song stuck in my head. This is defiantly G.O.O.D music.

for more articles and music check out klassikbfg.com


HU Resfest 2009: Pep Rally