When Jay-Z announced that he'd release a third installment to The Blueprint series, anticipation blew up [click to read]. The buzz around the LP has grown tremendously and now we have some information on what has been quite a secretive project to date. Chicago's own No I.D. [click to read] has been in the lab working on the highly anticipated Jay LP and he's one of the few speaking on the overall sound of the album.

"Me and Kanye [West] been doing a lot of work. We worked on The Blueprint [3] together," he recently said in a video interview with RealTalkXpress.com. He also compared his relationship with West to that of Dr. Dre and Mel-Man, noting that he's put his ego to the side to play the Mel-Man role.

When asked about the album's progression, he spoke on the LP's overall theme and how it connects to Kanye's most recent effort.

"We were doing Blueprint 3 when we did 'Heartless'. ...Everything on Blueprint 3 is...It's like 808's and Heartbreak [click to read], but more Hip-Hop."

Before ending the video, he offered this to help anticipation grow even more.

"It's gonna be a full-fledged classic."