The Bronx Photoshoot.


And if its really a chick. . .



This song was my theme song for a few weeks. Until I saw the video. I hope Kanye aint direct it because that would make two bumass videos in a row. But yeah, all in all there's way too much going on in the video for you to dig it. Its like a kaleidoscope.

Another World Record. !

My man USAIN. ! is 5 for 5 in his last 5 races. I mean he set 5 world records in his last five races. WAAAAAAA. ! WTF you need a car for when your the fastest man in the world. . . ever.


Twitter me. !


Jay-Z - Run This Town [ Ft Rihanna and Kanye. ]

I'm sorta diggin this. I feel like they coulda put it together a lot better. I havent seen it on TV yet though, it might just be the wackass internet quality. [ Sidebar; Kanye murdered Jay on this joint. ]

So its been a long time. . .

I definitely have been slacking on the blogging for the last few months. Sorry guys. But I definitely go a whole bunch of new stuff planned for the 09-10 school year.