Yung Bad Boy Baby?

Well hello0o hello0o hello0o there ADkTV
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So here it goes my[DEEDZ] first post...

Is it just me or does it seem like Young Money Cash Money is becoming what BadBoy was in the 90s.
Now in NO way am i comparing Weezy to Diddy or BIG to Drizzy.
It just seems like they are about to blow & take over at any second.
Now they're def not BadBoy in the 90s status as of now but within the next 2/3 years i can see this happening.
Nicky,Drizzy,Millz...come on this line up def can do damaged if it's mananaged correctly.
& as for Weezy ...well he's Weezy.
But this is simply one of my random analogies...juss some food for thought.

Well we can all tell who's BIG & who's Kim