I deleted my facebook. It was really killing me. (Too many updates about people that I aint know or really care for, no offense.)

My brother put me on to mint.com. It keeps track of how you manage your money. Its pretty neat. They have an iPhone app for it and everything. Now every time I would think to go check FB, I'll be doing something more productive, like managing funds.

I also unfollowed about 100 people on twitter, they really weren't saying anything. I'm focusing on following people with more career oriented tweets. . . 

Spring Break wasn't as productive as I planned. I had fun though. I spent time with my family. They said I've been too busy and I've been neglecting them. . . (I'm making moves, can you blame me??)

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed . . . 
(yeah thats cliche but if your not striving for your goals for atleast an hour a day EVERYDAY, your wasting a lot of time, GET ON IT, life is too short)