This movie better be hot. The trailer seems, slightly cheesy. I haven't heard of half of the actors before,...I think Angela Basset is the biggest name in the movie. Oh well, what can I do? Its not like I'm not gonna watch it... But just don't be disappointed if its ass-trash-whack.

I read some stuff about Lil' Kim being pissed-off about her depiction in the movie. That could only mean one thing,...lma0. I guess that should be fun to watch. Also, keep an eye out for a Howard Homecoming' scene. ((Ofcourse it wouldn't have been shot at Howard Homecommin'.)) But it was something that BIG did. I couldn't see why it wouldn't make it into the film.

I honestly can't wait to see the flick. I got the date marked off on my calendar. Now all I need is a Coogi sweater and I'll be g00d money.

Notorious, drops on January 16, 2009. Go check it out.