Okay So I'm Back.

...With a plan ofcourse.

...I haven't blogged like all month, besides some bullshit posts, and you know they were bullshit posts...

We'll I'm just gunna keep it 100, unlike some blogsites I know [rhymes with breadfillin' ], I really ain't know how to market the blog since I've been back in the Bronx. So it hit me. The staff at ADkTV.net is going to dedicate the summer of 2009 to the upcomming artists in NYC. We've seen Wale stir up DC, Cudi ressurect Cleveland, Meek Millz carry Philly, and Drake put [Canada?] on his back. Now it only seems fitting that we see the artists that are really doing it big in NY get to the same level of exposure.

So now what I need from you guys is to email your music to ryan.mccaulsky@gmail.com, so the staff at ADkTV.net can post them fittingly.

Thankz Guyz.
ADkTV Staff.